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We Visited Three Restaurants In The City & This Was Our Experience

Tanvi Juwale November 24, 2017





Copper Chimney, Fort

You haven't lived in the city long enough if you haven't been to one of the Copper Chimney outlets in the city. For us, the one in Kala Ghoda was a place of nostalgia where numerous impromptu family dinners took us. Even though it's shifted two buildings now, we were very glad to have it back.
It has opened where Serafina once stood and it's back after a revamp. Modelled on the concept of retaining their roots and embracing the new, their menu is replete with their classics and some new additions.

Chicken Bharta, Machi Rahrataka at Copper Chimney

We started our meal with Grilled Burrah Chop and they were phenomenal. Deliciously charred, they had an inherent smokey flavour, cooked to perfection, the meat slid off the bone. The Chello Kebabs were comforting. We sipped on the Achari Whiskey Sour cocktail. 


Phirni at Copper Chimney Courtesy: ms.foodietwoshoes

For the mains, we choose Chicken Bharta and Chura Paratha, both classics of this 45-year-old restaurant. A feisty gravy with the shredded chicken came in a ceramic pot with half a boiled egg facing up. Chura Paratha, like the name, suggests is flaky and crispy, it adds texture when you eat them together in a morsel.
For our dessert, we ate Almond Phirnee Chikki Crumble. It came with the cut strawberries and the luscious phirnee added a lot of textures of the almond brittle.  Our experience here was a lot of nostalgia and good food. We appreciate their attempt at reinventing themselves and wish them all the best.

Talaiva, Lower Parel

Kamala Mills has been witness to a plethora of restaurants opening and it wasn't exactly surprising that we found ourselves sitting in one such newly opened place - Talaiva.  The concept of this place is modeled on the royalty of Rajasthan and the decor is more or less colloquial. Done up in shades of royal blue and gold it draws inspiration from palaces while embracing the nouveau riche of the maximum city. When you enter, the foyer is adorned with a lovely indoor waterfall which adds to the ambiance of this place.



We started our meal here with Achari Choosa, Arancini and Cajun Dusted Chicken popcorn. We expected chicken marinated in the achari masala but contrary to our expectations and even though well cooked, it was a lot like Chicken Tikka one could easily find in a place like Gokul  (Colaba), Janata (Bandra). Arancini, on the other hand, was better than we expected. Moist cheesy balls of rice were crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. the chicken popcorn had a tad too much salt for our palate. We sipped on the Royal Kesar Kasturi Old Fashioned. Kesar Kasturi, we were told is one of the most potent spirits made regionally and this translated into the drink. With a heavy whiff of saffron, this drink was surely potent.


Royal Kesar Kasturi

We ordered for Junglee Maas for the mains with Bajre ki Roti. Junglee maas has been close to our hearts tugging us back to the cold winter days in January spent at the Jaipur Literature Fest. One bite of this spicy preparation (an understatement in it's own right) sends a bead of sweat streaming down your forehead; on a cold Jaipur night is great, but here in Mumbai, the lack of spice in an inherently spicy dish was a letdown.


Junglee Maas at Talaiva

So far, it seemed like they got the occidental part of food right, again incongruent with the concept. Lastly, we tried a cocktail recommended by  Fig Rosemary and Rum Old Fashioned. After a decent meal, this cocktail was a crash landing for an end. In our opinion, a fruit like fig and an overwhelming herb like rosemary doesn't go well with rum. It felt as though it was an unsettling battle of flavours which came too strong onto our palates.

In the end, we made our way out of the restaurant after our meal feeling slightly deceived. Rajasthani meat preparations in their authenticity, if made well, is one of the country's best. This looked like a restaurant trying to forge a way between the introduction of the cuisine and the concept and trying to fit into a big city, where we raise our glasses in a hedonistic pursuit of newer culinary joys. Maybe these are only teething issues every entity initially grapples with and we hope that with time, they evolve and do justice to the cuisine of a beautiful land.

The Burgery, Bandra

On a hot Friday afternoon, made our way to Pali Hill, Bandra to check out the newest offering  - The Burgery. Located on the narrow road that snakes uphill from Janata, this place is almost easy to miss, courtesy traffic snarls and tiny shops. This place is placed into a corner with a big yellow sign. Inside, the seating is almost adequate to accommodate a group of ten.

We started our meal with their Pesto fries and we admit they were really great. Earthy pesto with the well-pronounced flavours. We munched on their Beetroot and Carrot Burger. Pillowy soft buns sandwiched a patty with minced beetroot and carrots and we admit that our notion that a burger true to its form is incomplete without the meat we didn't mind this one because it was made very well.


The Fish and Chips Burger at The Burgery

They had used Basa for their Fish & Chips Burger, which was a decent choice. Basa seemed to be slightly overcooked (cooking fish can be tricky) but the coating was light and perfectly crisp. So we did have a decent meal here which we washed down with Berry Happy Together and Classic Cold Coffee. We adored the slushie made out of the 'frocktales' like they call it however classic cold coffee was a slight let down because it was blended with ice and gave us a brain freeze. We enjoyed our burgers here, but we wish they had more options considering they've named their place 'The Burgery'.

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